Is the separation in the caramel sauce normal? 

Yes! This is completely normal. Because we use all-natural ingredients in our true caramel sauce and do not use preservatives or thickeners, you can expect some separation. Once you open the jar, give your sauce a good stir. After you refrigerate, the separation should not reoccur.

Is this nut free?

While our recipes are nut-free, our sauces are (made in a facility that processes nuts.

Do you use preservatives in your recipe?

No! We use only all-natural ingredients for a nice, clean product!

How long does the sauce last after opening?

Both the fudge and caramel sauce will last six months in the refrigerator.

In the refrigerator, the sugar in the fudge sauce will start to crystallize. This is a natural, normal process. Although the sauce will lose some of its creamy texture, it's perfectly fine to eat! Simply heat and stir!

Unopened, the caramel sauce will last one year, and the fudge sauce will last two years.